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Are you scared you might fail?

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If that thought alone does not scare you, then this course may not be for you.

Digital marketing sounds so scary, when you don't have a clue what you are getting yourself into, and I totally get it.

But i'll show you what made me change my mind about the whole thing

Let's say you make $12.47 an hour at work....

How many people can you help by telling them about UBC?

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1 person a week = $499 x 4 weeks
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Did you know helping

1 person a day = $499 x 30 days
= $14,970 per month


Hours needed to make the same amount of money!

(Making someone else Rich)

40 Hours a week x 4 weeks =160h

@ $12.47 per hour

= $1,996 per month

40 Hours a week x 4 weeks =480h

@ $12.47 per hour

= $5,988 per month

Did you know working

8 hours day = $99.67 x 30 days = $2,990.10 per month

What Does UBC come with & What will I learn?

Is The Course Self-Paced? YES.. YES.. YES!

24 Lessons

270 Step By Step Videos

4 Languages - English, Spanish, French, & German

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